Keeping Your Cedar Shingle Siding Looking Its Best

Cedar shingle siding will give a natural, beautiful look to your home. Due to its long-lasting nature and elegance, homeowners have always selected cedar. Nevertheless, frequent maintenance and care is needed to make this beauty last cedar shingle siding. It will have a long and wonderful life if you make the dedication to daily maintenance on your side! Do you want to learn more? Visit cedar shingles

Cedar is a sustainable resource, which is another advantage of cedar for environmentally conscious homeowners. What this means is that, for the sole purpose of harvesting, cedar trees are planted in forests and then replanted each year. Biodegradable cedar is also available. It can be broken down and reabsorbed into the Earth without harm when the sidings eventually need to be replaced. Since wood fibers can actually enrich the soil, this can make for great compost.

In the U.S., there are a variety of different cedars, each with its own perks. The cedar is a part of the family of pines. Northern white cedar comes with smaller diameters and is thus considered to be one of the better wood grades. It smells very good and is blond in color without a stain. Mostly in Michigan, this type of tree is found. The yellow cedar is strong and enduring. It has a greater ability to keep nails. It is very immune to bugs as well. Red cedar is even more brittle, on the other hand. It is able to accept stains well because it is so porous. Red cedar will also warp less and you will find it not as costly as yellow cedar.

Once your cedar shingle siding is installed to keep up its appearance, annual maintenance will be required. You’ll need to make your siding clear from mildew, mold spores, and dirt at least every year. Rent a power washer to make cleaning your home a simple chore. Cedar is a soft wood, so you do not want to harm it using the power washer at its lowest setting. Go through and check that all the windows and doors are closed before you begin. It would be a big mess to flood your house! Your spraying angle away from the windows and doors to help keep out excess water.